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Ginkgo takes its name from an ancient type of tree, also known as the Maidenhair Tree, and is a rarity among Japanese whiskies in that it contains spirit from most of the country’s distilleries. Traditionally, Japanese distillers do not indulge in ‘reciprocal trading’ like their Scottish counterparts.

Ginkgo has been created by Ichiro Akuto, formerly of Hanyu Distillery, and the man responsible for some excellent single cask Japanese whiskies (see our tasting notes database). Half of the limited annual release of Ginkgo is sold in Japan, while the rest is distributed internationally through the Number One Drinks Company.

Ginko, Japanese Blended Malt Whisky (Japan)
Initial mild, acetone notes on the nose soon give way to sweet and floral characteristics, with vanilla essence, delicate spices and mandarin oranges. The palate is medium-bodied, sweet and fruity, with a spicy, smoky, citric edge. Water releases more spices and vanilla. The finish is long and smoky, with a hint of barley sugar. Japanese whisky at its best – with characteristic complexity, balance, and elegance. Delicious! From specialist retailers in UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France and Japan. 46.0% ABV, 70cl, £52.50, specialist whisky merchants.

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