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Happy Birthday to Jack

by Gavin D Smith, 09/11

bottle Because no one knows the exact date when Tennessee whiskey legend Jack Daniel was born, with a courthouse fire having destroyed vital records, the Lynchburg distillery celebrates the occasion throughout the month of September each year. This time around, a limited edition wrapped bottle is being offered through selected UK retailers with an RRP of 21.49.

As a spokesperson for distillery owners Brown-Forman Corporation says, "The unique design of this bottle makes it a perfect gift or commemorative keepsake for all those who appreciate both the legacy and the fine taste of Mr Jack's Tennessee whiskey.

"Packaged in a highly distinctive and stylish matte black wrap, the iconic square bottle comes decorated with gold and white accents, surrounded by the brand's trademark filigree. The UK exclusive 2011 birthday edition of the Jack Daniel's bottle is the perfect excuse to round up your friends for a taste of Tennessee."

This year's Jack Daniel's birthday celebrations will culminate in a unique party at what is the oldest registered distillery in the USA. October 15th sees one of the annual highlights of the music calendar as 'Mr Jack's Birthday Gig' returns to Lynchburg. The headliner for this year is the multi-platinum selling, Ivor Novello and BRIT award winning Plan B. To find out how you can be in with a chance of joining the celebrations visit

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