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Tullibardine's Whisky & Chocolate

by Gavin D Smith, 09/12

Time was when a simple guided tour of a distillery and a complementary dram was all that consumers expected, but as single malts have gained a much higher profile and more distillers than ever want to entice the public into their premises, the ante has been well and truly upped.

Specialist tours and tastings are now on offer at many distilleries across Scotland, and Tullibardine in Perthshire has recently launched a Tullibardine Highland Malt Whisky and Chocolate Tasting Tour.

chocolate The chocolate in question is handmade and comes courtesy of Iain Burnett, 'The Highland Chocolatier,' who is based at Grandully, between Pitlochry and Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire.

Visitors begin with a comprehensive tour of the distillery itself, followed by a look inside one of the warehouses where Tullibardine matures, and the experience culminates in a tutored tasting of four expressions of Tullibardine single malt, paired with four handmade truffles.

The pairings are as follows:

Tullibardine Aged Oak & Velvet Truffle
The light, youthful barley and citrus notes of the Aged Oak marry perfectly with the velvety texture of the chocolate truffle. Neither over powers the other, forming a perfect combination.

Tullibardine Sauternes Finish with the Lime & Chilli Truffle
The rich orange marmalade textures of the Sauternes and hints of vanilla and barley work on so many levels with this truffle, which has very subtle hints of lime and chilli and a very soft chocolate finish.

Tullibardine Banyuls Finish with the Rose Truffle
There are hints of soft summer fruits with the whisky that beautifully combine with this very delicate truffle, which has a creamy richness, to provide a myriad of flavours.

Tullibardine Vintage 1988 & the Ginger Truffle
The 1988 has a real depth of flavour and character that take their time to show. When they do there is a rich toffee note with spice and stone fruits. When paired with the Ginger Truffle all these flavours come to the fore but marry so well with the soft ginger and cocoa for a very long and lingering finish.

The Tullibardine Highland Malt Whisky and Chocolate Tasting Tour costs 27.50 per person and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Participants take home a gift bag containing a miniature of Tullibardine Aged Oak and a paired chocolate in order to be able to recreate the whisky/chocolate matching experience at home.

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